Here at Red Sky Foundation, we really want to make a difference by going the extra mile for those in need.

Counselling is a form of ‘talking therapy’, being able to speak to someone in confidence can have a truly incredible impact on your day-to-day life.

We offer a number of specialist counselling services, in partnership with IMPACT North East.

Our counsellors working in these specialist counselling services will use the person-centred approach and will also have specialist training to meet the needs of a particular group of people. They will provide a safe space where you can talk about your problems and feelings freely and openly. Whether you’d like to meet in person, talk over the phone or meet online – the choice is yours.
There is no limit to your sessions, here at Red Sky, we know that there isn’t always an easy or ‘quick fix’.
Take the time that you need for yourself, we’ve got you.

Therapies can support you to overcome issues including :

Love Starts From Within

Everyone who has counselling with us will receive:

Empathy – Your counsellor will do their best to understand you and your experiences by learning to ‘walk in your shoes’

Unconditional Positive Regard – Your counsellor will care about you and not make any judgements about who you are, your lifestyle or the decisions you have made

Congruence – Your counsellor will be honest with you

Confidential – Everything you say in the counselling room will be confidential, except when you or someone else may be harmed

Focus – Your counsellor will help you focus on what issues are bothering you

Safety – Your counsellor will work with you to feel safe in the counselling room to get what you need from counselling

IMPACT North East’s Specialist Counselling areas are:

Bereavement Counselling
Living with heart disease Counselling
Trauma Counselling for Survivors of Cardiac Arrest
Workplace Occupational Health Counselling
Counselling for Children, Young People and their families

Please contact us below for more information about using this service.