Make payday mean even more, with payroll giving.


Simple and tax-free, Payroll Giving is an effective way to support ncharities directly through your salary. It’s also known as Give As You Earn (GAYE).

Some employers choose to match their employee’s gifts for a limited period, or offer other incentives to join the scheme. Employees can easily adjust donation amount and chosen charities at any time.

Plus, it’s good for business – research shows that companies who offer Payroll Giving believe it improves their company image, enhances community involvement programmes and supports employee volunteering. 

Is Payroll Giving taxable? 

Payroll Giving is deducted from your pay before tax, so the gift is tax-free to the supporter, i.e. £10 will only cost £8 if you are a standard rate tax payer.

Payroll Giving or Gift Aid?

Payroll Giving automatically includes tax so we don’t need to claim Gift Aid. The only way that higher rate taxpayers can automatically pass their tax to charity is through Payroll Giving, meaning they’re able to give more at a lower cost to them. If you’re donating by any other means to charity, remember to tick the Gift Aid box if you’re able to.

What if I change jobs or retire?

If you change jobs, your Payroll Giving scheme will stop automatically. Make sure to ask your new employer if they have a Payroll Giving system in place and you can set it back up in your new role. If you retire, you may need to check with your employer. Some employers also run the scheme on pensions so people can continue to give to the charities they care about.

Benefits of payroll giving for employees

You’re making a difference

Your regular donations provide your chosen charity with reliable support. Meaning we can we can focus on the important stuff.

You can spread the support

Support one or multiple causes that mean something to you.

Effortless giving

It’s easy to set up and the donation is automatically taken from your gross income every month.

Benefits of payroll giving for employers

Listening to your workforce

Payroll Giving scheme showcases your support for Cancer Research UK and the other great causes your staff care about.

Improving staff morale

Focusing on Corporate social responsibility has been proven to promote a positive feeling among staff.

Hassle-free giving

It’s easy to set up and manage with minimal admin and set-up fees.