Freeman Hospital

“The Department of Paediatric Cardiology and Adult Congenital Heart Disease the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust provides a complete service for all those born with congenital heart disease in the Northern region of the UK as well as children who developed heart disease.  The unit provides a national service to the whole of the UK and Ireland for children who developed heart failure either because of the development of heart muscle disease or because of congenital heart disease, including heart transplantation.  In addition to this unit has a national programme for adults with congenital heart disease who develop heart failure and carries out the vast majority of complex heart transplants for all patients with congenital heart disease in.  The unit is one of the largest congenital heart disease transplant units in the world with excellent outcomes. 

Working within key partnerships the Red Sky Foundation has had a huge impact on improving the lives of children and adults with congenital heart disease within the unit, surrounding areas and across the UK.  The Red Sky Foundations impact has focussed on three key areas. The first is for day-to-day “extras” which improve the quality of life of patients during the hospital stay, allowing them to be able to play and have as much fun as possible whilst an inpatient and support their families.  The 2nd is funding additional members of the team to enhance and develop the service for these complex patients.  The 3rd is provision of additional equipment.  In particular the Red Sky Foundation’s support has helped continue to fund the Transmedics Organ Care System which allows hearts that previously could not have been used for donation to be used for cardiac transplant directly saving lives of patients on the heart transplant waiting list.”

David Crossland Consultant ACHD and Paediatric cardiologist