“Luna’s journey began when she was born with 2 congenital heart defects in different parts of her tiny heart.  She was placed under regular consultation for the early part of her life.  But, shortly before her 2nd birthday news came from The Freeman Hospital’s team of cardiologists that Luna needed to have treatment.

Once admitted, It was at this time when we met Luna’s surgeon Mr Bari Matuza – when it was explained in exact detail of how the procedure would be carried out…

On the day of Luna’s surgery, when dawn broke the sky was full of the most tempestuous colours of bright reds and oranges with clouds seemingly crashing together personifying our emotions… We had to leave Luna in the hands of strangers – whilst they set about repairing her heart… her journey took some twists and turns.

The next morning I took note of the same bright red sky again as we walked over from the parents’ accommodation block to see Luna in PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) where we spent our days sitting by her bedside… praying for a quick recovery.

As the week went on, the red skies cleared and it wasn’t too long before our prayers were answered and Luna was sitting up and watching movies… In fact, her nurses even said they’d never looked after such a well child in PICU – she was only there because the famous Ward 23 didn’t have a bed available for her…

We climbed a mountain that week but when we reached the top – the view was amazing.  We had the greatest people looking after us – and Luna’s change in colour and beaming smile helped convince everyone she would be able to go home for her 2nd birthday…  And we were given the green light – handshakes and hugs all around our wishes had been granted… the team at the Freeman Hospital and CHUF had done their job.  A job they do on a daily basis – but to our family, we are forever in debt to everyone there.

The Freeman Hospital cared for us during that time, they care for children and families from all over the UK and beyond – and Luna is doing very well now – they saved her life!

Red Sky Ball is our way of giving something back, we’re making a difference and changing children’s lives – we hope you can join us!”

Sergio & Emma