We understand that when you make a donation, you want to know exactly where your money goes. That’s why we are transparent about how we use your money. We promise that your donations support babies, children and adults who are living with complex heart conditions.

£30 will buy an emergency parent support bag, including toiletries and everyday essentials for their child’s hospital stays.

£70 will fund one hour of bereavement counselling or specialist support for people affected by heart disease.

£80 will replace a set of defibrillator pads after each cardiac arrest deployment.

£200 will fund a defibrillator battery used to deliver the shock to a heart and get it back into a regular rhythm.

£1000+ per month helps us give FREE fruit and vegetables for heart families living in hospital accommodation; it also helps us fund FREE regular ice cream deliveries to the Children’s Heart Unit.

£2000+ will contribute towards funding and maintaining a life saving community defibrillator.

£28,000 pays for a single use organ transplant capsule to transport donor hearts to give babies, children and adults the gift of life.

£30,000+ of our annual income provides furnished living accommodation grants for over 50% of North East families so they can be as close to their poorly children as possible.

£75,000 enables us to fund state of the art Fujifilm heart scanners for neonatal wards providing medics with the best technology in Europe.

£100,000+ every year we donate over 100 portable defibrillators to grassroots sports teams and walking football teams across the UK.