Organ donation is when you decide to give an organ to save or transform the life of someone else.

You can donate some organs while you are alive, and this is called living organ donation. However, most organ and tissue donations come from people who have died.

Did you know?

Not many people die in circumstances that make it possible for them to donate their organs.

This is why every potential donor is precious.

When you register your organ donation decision, you are helping your loved ones to know what you want.

Organ donation will only go ahead with the support of your family, and clinicians will never proceed with organ donation if your family or loved ones object.

If you are able to become an organ donor in the future, a specialist nurse will check the NHS Organ Donor Register to see if you had recorded a decision and discuss this with those closest to you.

Without your decision to help them, your loved ones may be unsure what to do.

Act now to save lives in future.