Red Sky Foundation and Martek Lifecare partner on a topic close to their hearts

  • Martek Lifecare, UK distributor of Defibtech defibrillators, and Red Sky Foundation, a North East-based charity supporting sufferers of life-limiting heart conditions, today announced a partnership.
  • The partnership is also supported by the manufacturer of the Lifeline brand of defibrillators, Defibtech.
  • United by a common cause, the organisations are on a mission to spread the word about how vital easy access to a defibrillator is.

Martek Lifecare, an advocate for the widespread availability of defibrillators across the UK for almost 20 years, and charity Red Sky Foundation, who support families with loved ones requiring cardiac care, have unveiled a new partnership. This timely collaboration, launched on Valentine’s Day, recognises a shared commitment to empower communities to respond effectively to cardiac emergencies.

Red Sky Foundation was established by Sergio and Emma Petrucci after the family experienced the trauma of their young daughter undergoing life-saving heart surgery. So far, the charity has placed more than 500 defibrillators in the community and raised more than £1 million for babies, children and adults, with heart conditions that need lifelong support.

Martek Lifecare has worked closely with Red Sky Foundation for several years, supplying defibrillators for community projects and this partnership is the logical next step in their relationship. Combining the fundraising and awareness campaigns of Red Sky with Martek’s expertise in the market and backed by the support of US-based defibrillator manufacturer, Defibtech, this partnership brings enormous potential to raise awareness and increase emergency preparedness in communities across the UK.

“We are so excited about the potential that this new partnership brings with it to share knowledge on how to react in a cardiac emergency and prepare communities should the worst happen. Working in conjunction with Red Sky over the past couple of years has been a privilege and we are delighted to cement that relationship even further.”

Rob Higgie, Regional Sales Manager at Martek Lifecare and long-serving community first responder

“Our charity’s success is down to the strategic relationships we’ve enjoyed over the past 3 years – we’re now going to build on it even further to flood communities with life saving devices to ensure people have the best possible chance of surviving a cardiac arrest. Our relationship with both Martek and Defibtech has certainly flourished and we’re excited for what the future will bring.”

Sergio Petrucci, CEO at Red Sky Foundation

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Martek and the Red Sky Foundation to expand access to Automated External Defibrillators in the community. Sergio and the team at Red Sky have already made great strides in raising awareness about the prevalence of sudden cardiac arrest and the importance of AEDs in addition to their existing work to place AEDs in public spaces. Our mission to save lives is shared, and we are grateful to work with this organisation that is making a difference.”

Joseph Mullally, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations for Defibtech

Learn more about Martek Lifecare here.

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